Finally revealed...

"How To Create Your Own Outrageously Profitable Information Empire In A Lot Less Time Using Secrets The World's Top Information Marketers Don't Know Or Won't Share..."

Discover 216 ways to reuse and repurpose your information to drive traffic, add subscribers, increase sales, have more time and more money...

Do you want to:
 checkmark Increase sales and decrease costs
 checkmark Drive additional traffic to your website(s)
 checkmark Create additional income streams
 checkmark Leverage and monetize your existing content
 checkmark Gain new customers and/or subscribers, with lower costs
 checkmark Have all this - in less time, with less effort

You can do all that and more... because you're just one click away from discovering...

Repurposing Secrets...

Tested And Proven Content Repurposing Techniques That Can Leverage And Monetize Your Existing Content...

"Two of the best people you can possibly imagine..."

It's really a pleasure to be able to work with Jeff & Lori. They're just fantastic people, warm-hearted and two of the best people you could possibly imagine. They provide wonderful, wonderful content and they also teach you how to do it.

If you have a chance to meet with them, to experience their knowledge and their warmth - don't miss it.

Ken McArthur | Repurposing Secrets Ken McArthur

From:  Lori Steffen & Jeff Wark
Baltimore, Maryland

Dear Fellow Information and Content Owner,

You've put effort into creating your content - your teleseminars, articles, reports, website, and more...

You've taken the time to develop ideas, do research, outline material, conduct teleseminars, hold interviews, write content...

Only to use it once, twice... okay, maybe three or four times...

When is the last time you had a look at your hard drive or in your files and took a moment to think about how much existing content you have that's just collecting virtual or very real dust?

What did you do?  Moved on to creating even more content so you can have your next teleseminar, get your next article written?

Whether You Have One Article Or A Pile Of Content...

Maybe you have only one product done.  Say an article, a teleseminar or an ebook...

Why?   Because you didn't know that instead of just one, two, three ways to use your content, there are 50, 100, 200, even more ways to repurpose your content...

Imagine the time, effort and even money you have invested in creating your content.  If you're not repurposing your content, you're leaving money on the table and missing out on valuable ways to promote your business.

That's the last thing you want to happen.

Wouldn't you rather get the most return from your content creation efforts by reusing and repurposing your content - and using it over and over again?

You would, wouldn't you?  That's what we were thinking too!

Just Who Are We, Anyway?

We're Lori Steffen and Jeff Wark - and we've been successfully using this simple system for years to create a profitable niche marketing business. When we first started our information publishing business, creating content was a chore.  It's since gotten a lot easier - but that's another story.

What we really wanted was to get the most bang for the buck, so to speak - we wanted to be able to get the most use out of any information we created.  When we discovered the idea of repurposing our content we were obsessed with gathering and developing as many ways to repurpose as possible. The result of our years of repurposing is a simplified system for repurposing that we'll share with you in Repurposing Secrets.

We are recognized as the experts on the subject of repurposing content.  We have had the honor and privilege to speak at events all across the country including Mark Hendricks' Internet Success System, Ken McArthur's JV Alert Live, Matt Bacak and Shawn Casey's Marketing Madness and many others.  We appreciate the opportunity to have shared the stage with Joshua Shafran, John DiLemme, Willie Crawford, Rich Shefren and many other wonderful people.  

We've been called on the phone, pulled aside at seminars and called upon during teleseminars as other experts look to us for advice due to our extensive and specialized knowledge on content repurposing. Recently we received the Award of Excellence from Write4Good Communications.

When we first started, creating content was a difficult chore for us and now it has become so very easy - but, whether creating content, preparing and hosting teleseminars, holding interviews, or writing is easy for you or not - it still takes time.  And in exchange for the time you invest, you deserve to leverage and multiply the results of that time. So, let's get back to what's really important here, and that's you...

For You To Be Recognized As The Expert, You Need To Have A Body Of Work...

You have valuable information to share.

You want as many people as possible to know about you and your business.

The more times and the more ways that your message is out there in the world, the more opportunities people have to find you.

"The fastest way to increase your business... is to get people to recognize you as the obvious expert in your field."
- Elsom Eldridge, Jr.

"If you are going to be the obvious expert, you need to have a body of work."
- Doug Hall

Building a body of work sounds like a long, tiring, difficult task - doesn't it?  Hour upon hour - sitting in front of your computer screen and typing away - or, pad and paper in hand, writing pages and pages of information - planning, outlining, writing, thinking, writing some more.

Just how long is it going to take you to put together all that information?  If you're holding teleseminars, okay so it's quicker - but what do you have?  A lot of audio recordings of teleseminars - not a body of work.

If you don't develop your own body of work, you won't be recognized as the expert in your industry or niche and you can't compete.

Successful People Are Repurposing...

So, how do you develop a body of work quickly and easily?  How do you start making money quickly, how do you increase your income from teleseminars you're already holding?  The secrets of repurposing are how successful information marketers are building outrageously profitable information empires - their body of work - in a lot less time.

You already have content in one form or another.  For example, you may be hosting teleseminars and recording them.

The most common idea of repurposing is recording and transcribing your teleseminar.  Now you have audio recordings and transcripts.

It's the typical few ways people think of to repurpose - you have an audio file, you have a digital transcript and when you put the audio recording on CD and print the transcript you have a home study course.

It's a great example, but it's only a start - just the tip of the iceberg.

I can't wait to get started

What's The Point Of Repurposing?

You're not alone if you think creating content - original content - takes some effort.

It's a lot of effort for something you only use once or just a few times.

How much could you be leveraging your time and effort if you could easily repurpose your content in 50, 100, over 200 ways?

And what if many of those ways created additional income streams?  

Now  that's leveraging and monetizing your content - it's
multiplying your time, it's more return for less effort...

And, that's exciting!

But repurposing not only benefits you, it also benefits your prospects and customers.

Multiple products with different price points meet different client budgets, reach different client desires and overall, have a different appeal. You want products at different price points.

How does one person create all that product? Through repurposing!!

Let's take this a step further... there are four different types of learners as proven by researchers and educators. These learning styles are:

  • Visual - seeing; they like to read or watch videos  
  • Auditory or aural - hearing; they like to listen to audios and teleseminars  
  • Kinesthetic - movement; they take in information while on a walk or at the gym  
  • Tactile - touch; they like CD's, books, home study courses  

What do you suppose happens if you have a product that is only in an audio CD and your prospective client likes to read? They don't connect with you and you miss out on making a sale. By providing materials in different formats, you attract all types of learners and therefore expand your customer base.

For example, Jeff doesn't like to read. And more than that, he often forgets what he reads. For him, the material has to be an audio recording. On the other hand, Lori is a visual learner. To retain information, she has to read it and she understands much better when she can hold a book in her hand rather then reading an ebook on the computer, so she's tactile too. They just have different learning styles. Doesn't that make sense?

Now think of the way you like to experience information. Would you rather pop a CD in while driving your car; do you like to download information on a MP3 player; would you rather sit down with a good book? Do you want printed material so you can have a pen and highlighter in hand or do you want portable audio so you can go for a walk, to the gym or to the park? Don't you have a preference too?

What Will You Miss Out On If You Don't Take Advantage Of This Opportunity?
The truth is... a lot!

  • Marketing exposure... When you're not repurposing, you're missing the opportunity for your message to reach many more people. 

  • Website traffic... The fewer people your message reaches, the less traffic to your website. 

  • Money... Face it, you're leaving money on the table. More exposure and traffic would mean more sales. Repurposing your content into additional products means more sales too. 

  • Time... Without leveraging your time through repurposing, you're working harder and longer then you need to. 
You certainly can’t be faulted for missing out - until now, no one has shared with you how easy it is to repurpose. So, you’ve done the best you know how.

But, bottom line . . . you're not repurposing in as many ways as possible . . . at least not yet.

Why Repurpose?
Repurposing Your Content Will Make It Easy For You To Leverage And Monetize Your Content

You'll Multiply Your Time!

When you register for Repurposing Secrets, you'll discover how to: 

checkmark Transform existing content into new marketing tools and new products
checkmark  Drive traffic to your website through additional marketing exposure
checkmark Pull traffic to your website through additional links to your site
checkmark Secure valuable and free search engine traffic without having to be a specialist at search engine optimization
checkmark Build your subscriber list - more traffic means more subscribers; more subscribers equals more customers
checkmark Explode your subscriber list through additional opt-in offers
checkmark Exponentially increase your cash flow from more customers and more products
checkmark Shake the world as you rocket to expert status and claim your place as an authority
checkmark Follow our revolutionary, simple system that will make sure you don't miss another opportunity for repurposing
checkmark  FINALLY -  how to have more marketing and more products in less time so you can have the money flowing in AND the time to do what you want to do!

Imagine the day that you can be living the life of a successful expert - you'll have more time to do what you want to do, you'll have the recognition you deserve and people will be coming to you, asking to be your partner.

People want to deal with, partner with, and buy from people they view as successful - that should be you.


Included with Repurposing Secrets, you'll receive specific, actionable ideas and examples of repurposing.

Here's just a few, quick examples - if you're holding teleseminars, you can take your audio and...

  • Post it on a blog 
  • Post it on a social networking site 
  • Split it into an audio ecourse 
  • Sell the digital recording 
  • Sell a group of digital recordings 
  • Give away the digital recording for an opt-in 
  • Add it to a membership site 

And... we've barely gotten started with repurposing ideas!

What Happens If You Don't Repurpose Your Content?

Your time is valuable - it's too scarce and too precious not to take advantage of repurposing.

You have talent and information that people want to know.

But, you're in one of two situations:

You've created content - you've held teleseminars, written an ebook, articles, a blog, some type of content and you haven't been repurposing. You've done or are doing the hard work of creating unique, original content - outlining, researching, writing, preparing, interviewing... But because you haven't been repurposing, you're not as widely known as you could be and you don't have as many products as you could have.

Or you haven't created any content - maybe because it just seems so hard - hours upon hours of writing, on the keyboard or with a pad and paper, until your hands, your fingers, your eyeballs just can't take it anymore. If you knew the secrets of repurposing, you could be creating content in small manageable pieces that you would know how to repurpose to multiply into marketing and sales.

You can continue doing what you've been doing and keep getting the same results, you can work harder for bigger results, or discover the secrets of repurposing - be efficient and multiply your results.

The time and money you're loosing is your own, so it's your choice whether to continue on your own way or to consider letting us share repurposing with you.

Why Should You Trust Us?

This product is for you if you want to create your content once and get marketing and sales from your content over and over again.

We've not only been using this system for years ourselves, and consistently updating the system, but we've started sharing this with our clients over the past year and they've gotten amazing results...

"One idea will triple the paid members at our site..."

Thanks Lori and Jeff for Repurposing Secrets! You two know more about repurposing content than anyone else. You folks have more ideas off the top of your heads than most other people even know exist.

In our consultation you gave me one idea that will triple the paid members at our site. The best thing is, it doesn’t cost me anything and will be easy to implement. I’m using existing content so I don’t have to create anything new.

I know you’re going to share the idea in your teleseminars, but I have to say, I wish you wouldn’t so I could keep this secret to myself. This one is definitely a million dollar idea.
Ken Compton | Repurposing Secrets Ken Compton

Our Goal Is To Help You Explode Your Business And  Gain Precious Time By Leveraging What You Already Know

This simple system is designed to help you anchor your expertise in your field. This private system is explained and you will get your own copy of the one page Repurposing Chart that will make repurposing your content easier then you ever thought possible.

"Your mind map (repurposing chart) is priceless..."

Your mind map (repurposing chart) is priceless. It alone is worth the price of Repurposing Secrets. I printed it out immediately, taped it to my wall and will refer to it daily.
David Bullock | Repurposing Secrets David Bullock

You're among the privileged few who are getting an opportunity to access Repurposing Secrets. You'll be able to turn to us, just like top marketers do now.

Again, this is the most in-depth, all-inclusive and the only model for repurposing your content in existence today.

Everywhere People Are Raving About These
Amazing 216 Ways To Reuse And Repurpose
Your Existing Information...

"Jeff and Lori are the "real deal..."

When it comes to content creation and repurposing, Jeff and Lori are the "real deal."

Not only did Jeff and Lori help me develop content from scratch for my first live presentation on the topic of AdWords List Building, they have also helped me repurpose the same content for putting together additional presentations, teleseminars, articles, reports and my own information product on AdWords List Building.

Uncover the repurposing secrets that Jeff and Lori are revealing for the first time and change the way you create information products forever - in a lot less time, and more effectively than ever before!
Simon Leung | Repurposing Secrets Simon Leung

"The simplicity... is phenomenal..."

The simplicity that you guys came up with, the plan, for this whole program is phenomenal because I'm like, give it to me simple and give it to me in color and visual and you guys did exactly that.

There's more than 200 ways to repurpose the way you guys have this set up.

Here's the cool thing, it's not overwhelming and what makes it not overwhelming is that you can take any piece of it you want and put it with something else. That's what's so cool about it. You don't have to do all gazillion of them; you just pick your favorites of what you like to do and then trade it with something else and boom, you've got a lot of other products.

So, it's a great program. I'm really excited. I would say that anybody, even just getting started, an entrepreneur, whoever, you need to get in and get onboard on this because this is a good one; it's going to be a smash hit.

Jacque Weiss | Repurposing Secrets Jacque Weiss

"They show you a mind boggling number of ways that you can repurpose the content..."

If you've been reading about Internet Marketing for any period of time, I am sure that you have discovered the importance of content to your online business. Content is to your website or blog what blood and oxygen are to your body. You can't have a healthy and prospering one without the other.

They show you a mind boggling number of ways that you can "repurpose" the content you didn't know you had in the first place. If you prefer, they can show you how to take all of those original articles and private label rights items collecting cyberdust on your computer and convert them into traffic and revenue generating spider food that the search engines will love!

Be prepared to discover ways to create and use content in ways that most have never dared to consider. They will show you how to think outside of the box and generate, eye-catching, thought provoking, action taking content today!

Ron Capps | Repurposing Secrets Dr. Ron the NicheProf

"I never realized there were so many different ways..."

WOW! I never realised there were so many different ways to use the same information.

This has really got my head spinning with so many ideas for all the new options available to me now. My awareness level is stretching to new levels!

This material will literally broaden your horizons and enable you to do what you never dreamed of before. With ease and simplicity too.

Thank you and God Bless You!

Warren Strader | Repurposing Secrets Warren E. Strader

What, When, Where and How...


Repurposing Secrets consists of 8 videos and five 70-minute teleseminar modules.

The 8 videos provide the basis of content marketing and repurposing secrets - explained in an easy to understand way with graphics showing you how to repurpose. The videos also include:

  • What the core of the internet is and why
  • How to utilize content in your business
  • Nine methods for content repurposing
  • How to multiply your content with the simple 3x3 format
  • Client flow diagrams
  • Product development chart
  • Product funnels and product pipelines
  • Explanation of the Repurposing Chart
Coaching Teleseminars - Modules 1 through 5:
  • Specific ideas for repurposing
  • Actionable examples you can implement
  • Identifying the most beneficial uses for your specific business
  • Techniques
  • Tips
  • Tools
  • Repurposing for traffic and exposure
  • Repurposing for added subscribers
  • Repurposing for additional income streams
  • And much, much more!

NOW!! Get immediate access to all the Repurposing Secrets materials... all 8 videos, the 5 teleseminar audios (in MP3 format or streaming so you can listen online) plus follow-along guides for all 5 Repurposing Secrets teleseminar audios.


After you signup, you will get immediate access and you can get started as soon as you want!!

"It will completely change your business"...

Jeff and Lori,

I am so excited.

I couldn't wait to write to you and tell you how much I appreciate you putting together your "Repurposing Secrets" program.

You've truly created a "knock it out of the park" homerun product with this for three great reasons:

One, the videos are explain exactly what people can do, whether beginner or advanced, to not only create content easily, but to reuse and repurpose their content over and over again in ways that others rarely think of.

Two, the followup teleseminars and 'Q and A' sessions are a huge value as you delve deeper and deeper into your strategies and techniques for expanding your content for maximum use in lead generation leverage and product profit potential too.

Three, your price (quite frankly, for everything you've put into this and all the actionable ideas that you're revealing, I would have recommended you do this only as a private bootcamp workshop and charge ten times the price, this stuff is really that powerful).

I embarrassingly admit, I always thought I've done a pretty good job at getting maximum leverage out of the products and content that I create, but after seeing your videos and studying your 'Repurposing Secrets' I've had my eyes and ears opened wide to all the possibilities I can use to easily add on to my personal publishing empire.

I don't care if someone is just beginning or if they already have a mature business built, they should absolutely get a copy of your program.

It will completely change your mindset and your business.

Oh, one other thing, I almost forgot... video 7 has the greatest example of how to take your existing content, put it through the "Repurposing Chamber" and have it come out in a multitude of other formats for re use. I love it.

Congratulations and thanks again!

Mark Hendricks | Repurposing Secrets Mark Hendricks
Author, Speaker, Business Coach
Software Developer, JV Specialist

"I thought there were about six or seven ways to re-purpose content"...

I love info-products for exactly TWO reasons. 

A) Because they have close to a 100% profit margin. 

B) Once you create an info-product, you can take that original content and re-purpose it. BOOM new product... BOOM new product... BOOM bonus...  BOOM giveaway...  BOOM home-study course... BOOM seminar.  It's really that easy. 

I thought there were about six or seven ways to re-purpose content.  Then I met Jeff and Lori and they blew me away with their chart that shows 200+ ways to re-purpose your content.  Simply amazing. 

I can't think of an easier, more profitable way to make money than creating info-products and re-purposing the content.  See you on the inside!

Rick Raddatz | Repurposing Secrets Rick Raddatz

Would You Like Some Bonuses? 

You get immediate access to these two free bonus MP3 audio recordings of our most popular teleseminars: ;
  • Duplicate Content - What duplicate content is and how it affects your web presence. You must know this before implementing repurposing.
  • Content For Teleseminars - Teleseminars are great for repurposing; you'll discover quick ways to come up with ideas and develop content for teleseminars.

You'll receive the searchable pdf written transcripts of every Repurposing Secrets coaching teleseminar. Not only will you be able to listen to the teleseminar audios at your convenience, as many times as you'd like, to get each valuable nugget of information out of the call to use yourself... but you'll also have searchable pdf transcripts of every call to refer to.


You'll also receive a bonus audio of the call Rick Raddatz did just for Repurposing Secrets.

Early Bird Bonus

The first 40 people to register will receive one 15 minute one-on-one consultation with Lori and Jeff to discuss your specific desires and receive repurposing ideas solely for you. We regularly charge our consulting clients $400 per hour. You have a full 120 days to use your consultation after ordering so you have plenty of time to listen to the audios before we get together. Maybe you'll be like Ken and get a million dollar idea too!

Our Personal Guarantee To You

When you register for Repurposing Secrets, you get our full 30-day guarantee...

 Repurposing Secrets 100% Guarantee  We're so confident that you'll receive great, actionable content and ideas that we'll give you immediate access to all the Repurposing Secrets materials with your purchase today. You can watch and study the videos, listen to the teleseminar audios, use the materials, listen to bonus recordings, and take advantage of all the information for a full 30 days. Then you be the judge, prove to yourself the value and decide that you are fully delighted with Repurposing Secrets.

If you have more questions, and you are seriously interested, send us an email  with your questions, or better yet, call us at 410-433-5943 (Maryland). We'll talk about all the details and answer any questions you may have prior to you making a commitment.

Let's Wrap This Up...
Here's Everything You Get...

 checkmark   8 Repurposing Secrets Videos - Immediately Accessible $400.00
 checkmark   5 70-minute Repurposing Secrets Coaching Teleseminars - Streaming and MP3 Audios $485.00
 checkmark   5 pdf Guides - A follow-along guide for every teleseminar audio $250.00
 checkmark   Priority Q&A - Repuposing Secrets customers can reach us by email or phone and receive prioity service on any questions you have $395.00
 checkmark   MP3 Audio Recording of the Duplicate Content Teleseminar $19.95
 checkmark   MP3 Audio Recording of Content For Teleseminars $19.95
 checkmark   MP3 Audio Recording of the bonus call with Rick Raddatz $90.00
 checkmark   Searchable PDF Transcripts of all 5 Coaching Teleseminars $350.00
 checkmark   MP3 Audio Recordings of all 5 Priority Q&A discussions $250.00
 checkmark   Searchable PDF Transcripts of all 5 Priority Q&A discussions $350.00
 checkmark   Early Bird Bonus of one 15-Minute One-On-One Consultation $100.00
 checkmark   Repurposing Chart in pdf format Priceless
Total Package Value $2,709.90
And the investment...   Only $997 $497

Click Here To Register Now

Still Undecided?...

Repurposing Secrets is not a cost - "cost" refers to something you purchase and consume, like ice cream or gasoline.  With Repurposing Secrets you will receive ongoing return as you implement repurposing into your business.

Repurposing Secrets is an investment that empowers your future... an investment to produce a recurring return... an investment that's actually not spent because it returns over and over again through leveraging and monetizing your content, proving the wisdom of your decision.

Listen to what Elsom Eldridge, Jr. has to say...

Author of The Obvious Expert, a #1 Best-Selling Business book on

Now It's Your Turn...

You've read this far... and we've told you what you can gain from joining us today.

But if you sincerely feel that this course is not right for you... we respect your decision and encourage you to stand behind it.  Perhaps there'll be another time when you are ready to repurpose your content and it will be the right course for you.

If you're sure, then we welcome you.  Just click the single payment button and we look forward to working together and helping you.

If you're still reading, that means you haven't decided.  If it's because you have unanswered questions then email us or pick up the phone and call us - we'll gladly answer your questions.

Otherwise, it's time to look inside yourself for the answer.  See, the easiest thing for you to do right now is to do nothing. You can continue what you've been doing and continue getting the same results.

You can continue holding teleseminars and not using them to multiply your time, you can continue to not have any content and wonder how you'll get anything done, you can continue to create content the hard way - from scratch every time, and you can continue with the same traffic, the same subscribers, the same customers, the same sales you're already getting.

We've told you all about Repurposing Secrets - the videos, the coaching teleseminars, the question and answer sessions, the bonuses - we've told you about us and the people we've worked with...

We've put ourselves and our system out here for you to see.

This system has worked for us and for others and we know it can work for you too.

But, there's one key factor in the people who have had success.  We haven't talked about this factor, yet it's critical to your success - the ability to take action.

So, it really is your turn.  We believe in, and care about your success. Choose to make your investment in yourself and in Repurposing Secrets. Then click on the single payment button below to join us now.

Single Payment

So you can feel free to take advantage of this bottom-line-changing opportunity... we'll make it as easy and as attractive as we can.

You can make your investment as one single payment of $497 by clicking the link below now.

Click image below to pay in full now:
Click Here To Order Repurposing Secrets
Click Here To Order Repurposing Secrets

IMPORTANT:  Be sure to click "Return To Merchant"
at PayPal after processing your order.

Note:  You can claim your Early Bird Bonus of (1) 15-minute consultation
only after full payment received (now or in 30 days)
[Limited to first 40 people to register - order now to get your Early Bird Bonus]


We look forward to working with you.

Make it a fun day!

 Lori Steffen and Jeff Wark | Content Repurposing
Lori Steffen & Jeff Wark
Content Repurposing Experts

PS - You immediately receive all 8 videos, (5) 70-minute teleseminar audios, priority question and answer service, the special bonuses - audio recordings of Duplicate Content and Content For Teleseminars AND the special call with Rick Raddatz, audio recordings of all 5 coaching teleseminars, pdf transcripts of all 5 coaching teleseminars, all of our great repurposing secrets and if you act now, the Early Bird Bonus of (1) 15-minute one-one-one consultation by simply clicking the single payment button above.

PPS - It's time to  stop wasting your precious time and discover how to reuse and repurpose your teleseminars and other content so you can give yourself back the time to do what you enjoy while still increasing your income.

PPPS - This is your opportunity to multiply the return you receive for the time and effort you put into creating original content.  You deserve it.

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Repurposing Secrets sounds great, but I don't have any content


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